The Name "Beim Bischof" - History -

The farm "Beim Bischof" is owned by the family Hipp since 1903.

The first documented owner was Andreas Baur in 1647.

One generation later Joseph Baur married Maria Anna Holderich. in 1776.

In 1783 Joseph H. Bischof married the widow Maria Anna Baur.

Since that the name of the farm was called "Beim Bischof".

In 1803 the couple Bischof sold the whole farm to Johann M. Lerf.

The great-granddaughter of Johann M. Lerf Mrs. Amalie Lerf married Franz Xaver Hipp in 1903.

In 1970 Emma and Wendelin Hipp gave the farm to their son Franz Hipp and his wife Franziska Hipp.